Exhibition Success

Just one more weekend to get to see our exhibition at The Birley Centre, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne.

We have had a terrific time at The Birley, chatting with people while we are stewarding, and even getting them to have a go at mark making and printing with our ‘curious objects’ (an on going project for our next exhibition at Knitting & Stitching shows in the Autumn!)

The exhibition has been really well received and we have had 100-120 each weekend visiting, and some people have come back for a second viewing, often bringing friends with them!

For those of you who can’t get to see the show, here are a few pics along with some of the very lovely comments left in our Visitor book:

“Beautiful work varied and good to see textiles making it on to the walls of galleries.”


Sally Skaife – Noughts & Crosses

“I felt very inspired by the exhibition. I can’t wait to explore new textures and patterns”


Sarah Welsby – To Thine Own Self Be True


Sarah Welsby – Ramblings

“A gem of an exhibition raising interesting questions about the boundaries between drawing, painting, sculpture, writing & textiles.”


Christine Chester – Rusty Memory

“Great exhibition – the work depicting dementia is particularly interesting showing in art, the way memory fades and how the reaction to the person with dementia fades and changes as well.”


Christina Ellcock – Small Landscapes

“Wonderful collection of creative collages.”


Work by Sarah Welsby & Sally Skaife

“Really interesting work. I like how the pieces from the different artists hang together – very well curated!”

Many thanks to all who have visited – don’t forget our Artists Walk & Talk on Saturday 30th January at 11.30.


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