Walk and talk at the Birley Centre

We rounded up the exhibition at the Birley Centre with a ‘walk and talk’. We each chose a piece of a work; talked about our inspiration and took questions from the crowd (it was very well attended and yes, it did seem like a crowd). The increased numbers in the gallery meant that the collaboration table saw a lot of action.Blog3

For one week we all collected things off the beach and streets, and a selection of our found items was on the table. Visitors to the exhibition were encouraged to create mini pieces of art; either inspired by, or using the round items. (Some visitors were more enthusiastic than others!)


The resulting images were cut down into 3″ squares and we will be using these to inspire further works for our next exhibition in October.


Some of us will be working on another collaborative art project as part of Open Studios in April, inspired by Lynn Knight’s book, The Button Box.